Pumpkin Carving and Pokémon

Almost a week late but in our house we have only just thrown away our Pumpkins tonight – I always think once October Halloween is out of the way, Autumn feels over. It suddenly gets grey, gloomy and all the leaves suddenly decide to shed within 24 hours. It doesn’t get much more Winter-esque than that. So to distract myself from this I am sharing our pumpkin designs this year.

Pumpkins – L: Pikachu; R: BB8

For the last few years I wanted a Pikachu pumpkin, so with it being Pokémon’s 20th Anniversary this year I decided it was time to finally do one. Within seconds I hated it. I regretted my decision, it was too small, too fiddly, he almost lost an ear and a hand. I always forget that during the carving process it never looks the way it should, it’s the light and shadows that pulls the image together. This time was no different with several exclamations that he looked like a mutant and I should just throw the pumpkin out. However a mere 2 hours 15 minutes later, I finally finished and I’m actually quite pleased with how he turned out in the end.


Simon went for BB8, thinking the circular design would work well on a pumpkin – he also muttered a few expletives when encountering the smaller details.


Although both came out looking amazing, I think I definitely won in the carve off.

Who do you think won?

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