Jackie Oates – Lush Colour Supplement Review

So a while ago after finally bringing myself to go through my make up drawer and throw away anything not used and the many empty pots kept so “I could remember the shade”, I found I had more than the three foundations I thought I had. In fact, I had 15 in various shapes and sizes – not to mention the 10 or so sample sachets, all shade beige/natural and waiting for when I next see my mum and sister. There was a reason for so many: what seems like the perfect shade would eventually seem too orange or too yellow, turn cakey or dry my skin – and always discovered in my rearview mirror before meeting somebody. I was searching for the elusive “Perfect Foundation” and there had been many casualties along the way. Depending on the season or if I manage somehow to tan, I often dig into my graveyard of nude tones and they work – for a week or so. So when I finally realised how many I had, I thought I could share my experience, in the hope that somebody can finally find their “Perfect Foundation”.

Foundation Overview

First is a recent addition, Lush Jackie Oates Colour Supplement. Technically not a foundation, Lush describes it as:

“This is ideal for smoothing those with pale complexions that need soothing. It’s made with oat milk as a base, which helps to calm skin down, to which we’ve added loads of nurturing shea butter, honey, aloe vera and glycerine to hydrate and even out tone. As pale skins need to be careful in the sunshine, we’ve added titanium dioxide. Mix a little with your favourite moisturiser and apply to clean skin evenly.”

Closer to a tinted moisturiser, I bought this at the beginning of last winter when my skin because dry and patchy and needed some extra TLC. Additionally I wanted to look into a more natural base which would be kinder to my skin, as wearing make up at least 5 day a week can take its toll on my poor skin. So I visited the Cambridge store, being the closest and lets be honest bought more than I probably should have – you can see my haul here

Jackie Oates Lush Colour Supplement

The pot comes in Lush’s signature style, simple black and white, with clear information on the back. Although only 20g which is smaller than most foundations averaging 30ml, as this is an extremely thick cream and designed to be mixed with moisturiser for a natural tint – it will definitely last. The smell was at first slightly off-putting, being used to fragranced products. However it definitely added to the feeling of using something good for my skin and I eventually became used to it.

Jackie Oates Lush Colour Supplement

The pot also included the use by sticker associated with Lush, confirming just how natural the product is. I always enjoy seeing this sticker on their products, with each listing who made it and a picture. It’s a nice touch that you would typically see from a small independent business, not an international company.

Jackie Oates Lush Colour Supplement

The consistency thick and reminds me of my mum’s Leichner Foundation, which was too heavy for my skin but as this is designed as a colour supplement it works. I tend to apply this direct to my face (suggested for higher coverage) to even out my pale and blotchy skin. Surprisingly despite the thick creaminess it still feels just like applying moisturiser and remains light all day.

Foundation Swatches Left to Right: Lush Jackie Oates; Hello Flawless Oxygen Wow - I'm Pure For sure; Clinique Stay Matte sheer Pressed Powder Oil-Free - Stay Buff; Benefit Some Kind-a Gorgeous -Lite; Benefit Big Easy - Fair; Dior Nude Air Serum - 10; Dior Airflash - 10
Foundation Swatches Left to Right: Lush Jackie Oates; Hello Flawless Oxygen Wow – I’m Pure For sure; Clinique Stay Matte sheer Pressed Powder Oil-Free – Stay Buff; Benefit Some Kind-a Gorgeous -Lite; Benefit Big Easy – Fair; Dior Nude Air Serum – 10; Dior Airflash – 10

You can see Jackie Oates swatched above on the far left – it’s much creamier than the other foundations and closer to my natural skin tone, with yellow undertones rather than pink. Given the other swatches are the pales colours each foundation comes in, this is definitely an excellent alternative for pale girls!

Foundation Brushes
Tools Left to Right: Cosmetic Sponge; Bobbie Brown Full Coverage Brush; Urban Decay Good Karma Optical Blurring Brush; Clinique Flat Foundation Brush; Chanel Mini Flat Foundation Brush; Chanel Mini Kabuki Brush

Above are my various foundation brushes, for applying Jackie Oates I use my Urban Decay Good Karma Optical Blurring Brush which is amazing at buffing in liquid and cream foundations – I even use it for some setting powders. After applying I always dab all over with a cosmetic sponge, to ensure there are no obvious lines which always show on my skin no matter how much I buff! Especially with cream foundations.


Get ready, it’s picture heavy!

Jackie Oates Lush Colour Supplement Applied

Now you get the joy of my blotchy face! I mainly use Jackie Oates at the weekend or when I feel like my skin needs a break from heavy make up but really needs some cover up (it’s a violent cycle!). So here I have applied straight onto moisturiser – no primer – and just a small dab on my forehead, cheeks and chin before budding it in with the Optical Blurring Brush. It doesn’t cover the my blemishes, horrific bags under my eyes or the redness around my nose from my current cold. however it does warm my skin slightly and attempts to even out my skin tone.

Jackie Oates Lush Colur Supplement & Concealer

With Jackie Oates I always want to cover certain areas due to it’s sheer finish, so typically I apply Maybelline Cover Stick Corrector Concealer in Ivory, which I’m actually really impressed with given its price as it blends well. I also buff this into my skin with the Optical Blurring Brush. For under my eyes I use Garnier Skin Natural Tinted Eye Roll On in Fair. I’m not actually sure if they still make this as I can only find the Pure Active spot concealer now, but I love this as it really soothes the under the eye area and lightens it amazingly. I leave this to settle while I blend the Maybelline Concealer so it became thicker, then dab at it with a cosmetic sponge until it blends in. This way I feel covered without the heavy feeling of a full face of foundation.

Jackie Oates Lush Colour Supplement & Concealer Blended

Ta-Dah! You can still see imperfections but I feel covered enough that I can go to the shops without feeling self-conscious.

Jackie Oates Lush Colour Supplement Base

Once I’ve finished the rest of my make up (Benefit Gimme Brow – Light/Medium; Guerlain Cils D’Enfer Maxi Lash Mascara; Benefit Dandelion Brightening Finishing Powder); Lush Feeling Younger Skin Tint; Lush Emotional BrillianceDior Addict Lipgloss), I don’t look as pale and Jackie Oates works well as a base for days when you want something lighter.

Foundation Make Up - Jackie Oats Lush Colour Supplement

I will be using this more moving into summer I imagine, to even  out skin tone when the last thing you want is a face full of make up to slide down your face in an oily mess.

Have you tried Lush’s Colour Supplements?

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