It’s Been A While…

So it’s been a while since I last posted – not through lack of trying!

Unfortunately early February I went to Longleat Centerparcs for a work meeting/few days away. Being the clumsy person I am, I slipped and fell awkwardly – resulting in breaking a bone in my right wrist, and pinching my radial nerve. So I have been at home off work for 6 weeks and very, very, bored. However I thought “I can still type slowly and this is the perfect time to catch up on my never ending backlog of reviews!” – after visiting the doctor it would appear my Complex Regional Pain Syndrome I suffer from in my leg is now also in this wrist and I should therefore rest the arm entirely. Cue complete boredom.

However, the end is near! I am almost at the end of my 6 weeks and slowly getting movement in my wrist, ready for work next Wednesday. What better way than to have an hour or so typing! So prepare to be flooded with posts over the next few days, perhaps with the odd spelling/formatting error as my only device available is my iPad as my MacBook is currently out of order (story for another day). So let’s get started!



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