Companion – October Photo Challenge

Day 10


When it came to choosing a companion photo, I knew immediately who it had to be – my cat Moggle. The difficulty was choosing just one picture! He has this knack of changing from his “adult” face to “kitten” face all the time and I swear it’s when he wants something. As he loves posing for the camera I have hundreds on my Macbook but decided to choose this one as it’s his favourite spot. He loves coming in before we go to bed and curling up at the bottom, either for the night or just for a while before disappearing to his bed. Even if he disappears to his room (yes – he’s decided the spare room is his bedroom), I always get woken up by him getting into bed in the morning nudging me awake for breakfast. I swear he’s essentially a small child!

|0A Victoria|0A.jpg


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