Dream House & Throwback – October Photo challenge

Day 7 & 8

So yesterday I was too ill to post unfortunately. However I am currently sat in a “sit and wait appointment” so have plenty of time on my hands!


Yesterday’s challenge was a photo of my Dream House. To be honest I don’t like the massively extravagant houses but would love one like this!


Today’s challenge is a throwback photo. I struggled selecting just one but settled on one from when I was seventeen and went on holiday to Mencorca with my best friend at the time. We had our own little villa out of a group owned by her grandad and on the first night after travelling and hardly any sleep went to a club in the caves. We had danced until 7am and then grabbed a lift home with a group of people we met there. Not the safest thing, definitely don’t recommend it! However they were all lovely and it is one of my favourite memories of that holiday!

|0A Victoria|0A.jpg


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