7 Lessons I’ve Learned So Far This Year

October Blogging Challenge

1. Fear is good

Fear is actually a good benchmark for me. If something scares me I know I should probably do it. I was scared about going to do my masters alone, 4 hours away. Presenting in interviews left me nauseous. Walking down the staircase to get married made my eyes water. Even going on the tube in rush hour made me anxious. However I have started to rely on that feeling to tell me when I really want something because fear is actually a good thing – it shows you care. I left uni with a Masters with Merit, my presentation got me the job, I got married. I even found the tube wasn’t that bad if you have an app for that.

2. Marriage ≠ Adult

There’s a four year age gap between myself and my husband. In my opinion that’s the perfect amount. We still have shared interests but he’s more mature than guys my age. However, it only really seems an issue when I don’t get a reference that’s before I was out of nappies. Since I became a Mrs, everybody keeps saying “What’s it like being married?”, “How’s it being an adult?”, “Ahh you’re going to have to grow up now”. At first I thought the same but the truth is I still play computer games, still buy lego and wear a Pikachu onesie. Doesn’t sound too much like an adult to me.

3. Long days feel good

Working 12 hour days actually feels good. There I said it. On the surface it’s exhausting, it may be the most frustrating thing ever somedays but at the end of the day it feels rewarding.

4. Don’t go to bed angry

Sounds stupid and I used to think it was best to take a step back and sleep on a problem before doing anything. However in the last year I have started to slow down and calmly say what I need to say before sleeping. I never realised how disrupted my sleep was previously, plus being upfront and open with the there person – be it family, friends partner, actually helps you move past it quicker.

5. Lipstick solves everything

Seriously. Putting on lipstick makes me feel better about myself, cheers me up and makes me feel I can tackle anything. It’s not called warpaint for nothing.

6. Forget what others think


I will admit I care more than I should about what other people think, constantly worried about judgement and being thought of badly. I wouldn’t wear certain clothes I like, do things I wanted, even post on here – incase I was judged for it. Hell I got worked up thinking about telling my husband about this site. However, I am slowly becoming more accepting and trying things that I otherwise wouldn’t have done.

7. Diesel > Petrol

Hate to admit it but my car is so much nicer to drive now.

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