Six Pet Peeves

October Blogging Challenge

1. People saying “LOL” out loud

Seriously don’t. I cannot express how annoying I find reading this, let alone when people say it. Why don’t you just LAUGH OUT LOUD – same to be said for YOLO, except just don’t in any form, ever.

2. People asking a million questions during films/TV

Don’t get me wrong, I have been known to ask a question when I miss something or more often to check if that really is Steve Coogan in Tropic Thunder. However, it’s the people who talk over the dialogue and then question when they missed something important. My mum is a perfect example of this. I have had to stop myself screaming “Well you would know if you just stopped talking for a minute!!” on more than one occasion. Same for people who aren’t talking throughout but still ask “who’s that?”, “why are they doing this”, “how did that happen” – EVERY FIVE MINUTES. Chances are if I’m watching something with you, it’s because I like you and we know each other. Therefore you should know that I did not direct or write the screenplay for said film/TV programme. So I don’t know the answer and chances are I am just as confused as you are, maybe if we watch we will both find out.

3. Sales calls

I work in sales, I’ve worked in telesales – I do understand that these people are doing their jobs, that they’ve been given a database of numbers to call. What annoys me is when they realise you are not eligible/interested and say they will remove you from the database – only for you to get another call two days later and again for the next six months.

4. Parking so I can’t get into my car



My job depends on my ability to drive, that’s why I am lucky enough to have a company car. So when I am in a car park and somebody parks so close to the drivers side I can’t even get an arm in, how am I supposed to fit get in with a laptop bag  and coffee. Now I understand when there is little room for them to park, these things happen. Not when there is plenty of room in their space. What’s worse is when I am in the car and see the car park, with the driver leaving before I can say anything. Then I cannot get out of either side, other than through an open window (this only happened once…so far).

5. Not using an indicator

Unless you have fallen, hit your head and developed amnesia (in which case good on you for remembering how to drive!), then there is no excuse for you cutting me up and almost causing a pile up on the motorway.

6. Grammatical mistakes

Let me just say first, I’m not meaning those who incorrectly spell a word or has forgotten the punctuation lesson from primary school and predominantly speaks in text speak. The one thing that bugs me is people who still mistake “There, their and they’re” and “your and you’re”. We’ve all been on the end of a quickly typed reply which ended in a typo and often with these words. However people who genuinely don’t know their use and worse yet, those that argue they are right on their incorrect use just turns me into Ross.

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