Top Five Favourite Movies

October Blogging Challenge

Having spent five years as a student, films are definitely how I spent 80% of my time. They were there for me regardless: nervous about moving to a new city not knowing anyone? Films comforted the first lonely day and provided an icebreaker and basis for friendships with flatmates. Panicking that no matter how many revision notes you made, it just wasn’t sinking in? Taking an evening off with food and the familiar theme tune of your childhood favourite immediately calmed the nerves. Broke up with someone, whether it was a two year relationship or a one night stand that filled you with regret, a girly chick flick puts it to the back of your mind. Whatever the situation, films have got your back better than your best mate holding your hair back as you vomit after a heavy night out, telling you you’re still gorgeous to her.

1. Breakfast at Tiffany’s

When I was 13 my sister and I were on holiday to our family villa in Mallorca, we encountered one of their common thunderstorms. Without the sun or pool to entertain us, I had a rummage in the lounge upstairs looking for a film to put on. Amongst the limited selection I came across Breakfast at Tiffany’s. Having never seen it before but recognising the iconic image of Audery Hepburn I put it on. Immediately my sister and I became wrapped up in the characters and by the end couldn’t stop acting out scenes, quoting lines. Ever since it has been a go to feel good girly film and my sister and I often meet up to watch it with a few drinks and nibbles.

2. Finding Nemo

Although an animated film aimed at small children this has always been my go to film. Sad, angry, happy, sleepy, ill – I will put this film on and immediately everything seems ok. The first time I saw it, my mum had actually bought it on VHS for my sister. I was 11 and watched it with my best friend at the time on a sleepover. Already fascinated by anything marine related I was hooked. Over the years anyone who knows me knows how much I love it, resulting in the nickname “nemo”, various gifts – cuddly toys, books, audiobooks, robofish, helium balloons, you name it. There was always some comfort from watching a film from my childhood and remembering it could fix any problem then and amazingly, still can.

3. Jurassic Park

How could you not love this film. It has everything. Dinosaurs. A deserted island. Sam Neil. Certain doom. More dinosaurs causing havoc. Did I mention Sam Neil. When I watched it as part of a Jurassic Park marathon with my grandpa, I told him how scary I found it and how could he possibly not be scared. He told me he simply knew it wasn’t real but liked to pretend sometimes it was and I’m the same. I have watched the trilogy back to back every weekend for a month before, albeit the following films were not as good but you can’t complain about a dinosaur filled weekend.


Another film obsession my sister and I share – the the extent that we went and watched it in 3D on the 100th anniversary of the tragedy. My parents first let me see this one Christmas when it was showing, and it was the most ‘grown up’ film I had seen up until this point. I had learnt about the history of Titanic at school and was already fascinated – hence begging my parents they could have my two chocolate allowance out of the tub of celebration if I could watch it, please! So I couldn’t wait. I spent four hours that Christmas in the conservatory watching that film on a tiny tv and I was hooked. I rented the video from a friend down the road so many times, that for my birthday the following year she bought me my own copy. I rewatched it for days with my friend, using the ladder on my bunkbed to try and stand on the tips of my toes and hang off the edge like I was at the front of the ship. It inspired fan fiction novels in-between end of years exams throughout high school. Years later I invested in the 8 disk collectors edition and sat with my sister introducing her to it. It has everything I wanted from a film and still is a guilty pleasure of mine. Plus who can say no to watching Leonardo Dicaprio for hours.

5. Tomorrow Never Dies

To be honest I love James Bond films in general. From being introduced to Sean Connery’s when I was little, to following when the latest will be released. However, I decided years ago Pierce Brosnan was the best bond in my eyes. Something I later bonded over with my Husband. Out of all of them this was my favourite film and why I didn’t protest (much) at having one of the songs from it in our wedding ceremony.

Took a while to narrow my choices down (there’s so many!) but I’m comfortable with these in my top five!

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