Shoes – October Photo Challenge

 Day 3

So Day 3’s challenge was “shoes”. Bearing in mind today has been one of my favourite lazy days at home, I didn’t have to wear any shoes as I didn’t go anywhere! So the closest I came was slippers. I’ve never fully been on board with slippers, they keep you feet warm, look cosy and protect your feet from the accidentally shards of glass that seemed to just breed in my old kitchen, after an accidental glass drop. However I never found my bare feet uncomfortable and if they got cold I tucked them under myself on the sofa. The longest I wore a pair for was when I broke my leg and my usual shoes wouldn’t stretch over my swollen lump I call a foot. Even then they were only used for going outside in my wheelchair to replace shoes.

This has recently changed though. On our honeymoon in New York, our hotel gave each of us a pair of slippers. Not expensive ones, the towelling type you often receive at a spa hotel and fall apart the minute you walk into the pool area and they touch water. However I wore them everyday there, enjoying the little home comfort in a hotel thousands of miles from home. So when we left I took them, a little piece of New York to have in my house. To my surprise I have continued wearing them each day here, they have their own spot at the bottom of my bed, go straight on in the morning and each time I get off the sofa to do something. Something about the little gold details makes me smile and actually WANT to wear them. So I do and each time I think of sipping champagne and eating chocolate coated strawberries in The Waldorf, twenty-six floors above the rest of Manhattan. Back in grey England where normal life resumes and isn’t quite as exciting, they at least make doing the washing up a little more glamorous anyway.

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