Thankful Thursday

October Blogging Challenge

Despite the post being called Thankful Thursday, the day actually falls on a Friday. However it’s always nice to reflect on things that make me happy so let’s make it fulfilled Friday.

So things that I’m thankful for, it’s harder than you think when someone asks you. The obvious first, I’m thankful for my family. Both my little bubble of my husband and our adorable but sometimes grumpy cat and my parents and sister. They’ve been my support network whenever things get a little tricky or I need a shoulder to cry on. I remember starting uni and two weeks in my boyfriend at the time and I broke up I called my dad and started crying. He was so sweet and after consoling me put my mum on. An hour later the world didn’t seem so grey and the next day I went to collect my post to find a care package from home. They had sent me a card, sweets, chocolate and a magazine with money for alcohol. They always carefully stepped the line between parents and friends.

On a less sentimental note I’m thankful for my job, I’m with a good company which has good prospects. I know a lot of people struggled to get jobs straight after university, so I feel lucky to have almost jumped straight in.

I’m very thankful for my health, after years of tests resulting in telling me I had only a few years to live, it seems some of my health conditions are not as acute as we thought but more or a long term chronic situation. Recently I’ve been trying to enjoy everything as much as I can. Realising I might not have children when I was 18 and now being given a slim chance has to be one of the best feelings ever. To realise there is even a possibility is a great relief and less pressure to try for a baby as young as possible to give myself the best chance. That is still the best way forward but the window of opportunity has widened somewhat, which certainly helps me sleep at night.

That will do for now as I think there’s another “Thankful Thursday” post later in the month and I need to try and save something for that post!

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