Goals For October

October Blogging Challenge

I clearly decided October would be challenge month, with my photo challenge and now a blogging challenge. I’m hoping it will give me a mini personal target to hit each day, as sometimes after work I’m so drained I don’t have the energy to do much else than watch tv and sleep.

So here we are:

Day 1 – Your goals for October

I hadn’t really thought about goals for October to be honest, this year has flown by so fast I still feel that I’m owed a summer. However now wedding planning is finished some goals might not be a bad thing to keep me focused. Here’s nothing:

  1. Complete the October Photo Challenge daily
  2. Complete the Blogging Challege daily (starting easy here)
  3. Sell my KA
  4. Complete new call file
  5. Stick to £3 lunch allowance (there’s a story here, as I’m always out of the house and travelling with work, I’m entitled to a lunch allowance of £3. However I almost always go over this by getting a better sandwich, adding on a coffee etc. After my last company credit card bill totalled an additional £60 of non reimbursable additional lunch items, I decided I am haemorrhaging money and this has to stop. After six months at this rate I would have been able to afford a return flight to New York. I’d rather have the flight to New York. So my colleague and I have decided to see if we can make it a month at £3 a day. Hopefully this will help me with my next goal.)
  6. Actually start a healthy eating plan – even if it’s just small steps to start with!
  7. Nutribullet each morning
  8. Actually try and get my Money’s worth from my gym membership – go once a week minimum
  9. Investigate phone contracts
  10. Decide on Christmas present – sounds stupid but I am the worst at decisions and my parents actually want to know before my birthday this year!

Hopefully I’ll be able to do all of these, as they’re actually attainable for a change! I will check back in at the end of the month to see how I got along.

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