Guerlain, YSL and Dior Haul

So the last few months have been ridiculously busy. I’ve been at various events in London for work, started a new job and planning my upcoming wedding. So with so much going on I decided to cheekily treat myself.

First up was a trip to the Guerlain counter, which I always visit and leave with new additions to my wish list. My trips here have been so frequent recently I’m on first name terms with the sales assistant who manages the counters and knows my wish list as well as I do. Until recently I hadn’t ever used any of their products. I attributed their brand to a slightly older age group, however their famous Meteorite Pearls always fascinated me. Then a couple of months ago I saw their new spring releases, all based around their famous pearls. I had to take a peek. When I visited the Guerlain counter I immediately fell in love with the new collection, not to mention half of their staple pieces. Not so much with the prices. In my typical style, I did try a lipstick in a pink shade which I ended up purchasing (review to come soon!). After looking at Guerlain’s packaging and signature violet scent, which reminds me of childhood Parma violets, I was in love. My purse however, was more resistant.

Fast forward to a recently refuelled bank card in hand, wish list in the other I practically hopped, jumped and skipped to the counter. I left less than ten minutes later with their Meteoites Pearl Base, Meteorites Compact in Light and Maxi Lashes Mascara in my handbag. Then I hurried over to YSL, conveniently placed right next door. My experience with YSL is limited, their touché eclat has been a make up bag regular for the last ten years and essential to create the illusion that I had more than five hours sleep. The only other product I’ve tried was a hand me down from my mother, who purchased a limited edition lipstick which rotated to display either a mirror or two lipstick shades, with a lip brush enclosed. However it rotated in my handbag and my keys gouged out one of the lipsticks. Not the most practical design and one that perhaps subliminally put me off the brand. Until their Spring 2015 products were drip fed to us. In particular their new blur perfector compact. The package alone made me eager to test it. So I hopped over to the YSL counter and before I could ask “How much?” it was mine. Which leads me to my final purchase – Dior Nude Serum Foundation. The packaging alone sold it to me – I was in love.

I’ve now been using these items for a couple of months to give a good indication of how I’ve found them, the reviews can be found here:

Meteroites Pearl Base

First of all – I love the look of this product. It’s just gorgeous and screams luxury to me, which for the price tag you definitely want to feel it is worth it’s money! It’s different to any other primer I have tried before, mainly due to the individual pearls suspended in a gel. Through some kind of beauty magic, when the pump is pressed a small amount of pink solution is dispensed, without disrupting the other pearls. I still have no idea how this works but it fascinates me every time I use it! On the skin it gives a subtle sheen which I have found illuminates without making me look like a glitter ball – perfect. It’s also extremely moisturising, which after some almost ‘chalky’ primers makes a lovely change and one I imagine will sit lovely under foundation in winter. My bottle has currently only a centimetre left at the bottom, after using it every time I have worn make up – and sometimes without to give my complexion a pick me up! I will definitely be purchasing this again in the future, especially with winter coming up!

Meteorites Compact in Light

I have lusted over the Meteorites pearls for years but the impracticality of loose pearls when travelling put me off ever purchasing them. Then I found the compact and fell head over heels. I’ve never used a finishing or illuminating powder before so was unsure where to start with this, however I was adamant to learn. Thanks to my new best friend at the Guerlain counter, I was told to either brush all over to give a subtle glow or focus on the cheekbones, bridge of nose and forehead – similar to how you may use a cream highlighter. Despite the mosaic in the compact, which corrects various skin imperfections, the powder comes out a simple white colour with a hint of shimmer in the light. When brushed on it immediately diffused light and blurred my imperfections. Six months on and I am still in love with this compact and it is still going strong! It’s always the finishing touch to my makeup before a setting spray and has completely changed the look of my make up.

Maxi Lashes

I always love glimpsing this in my make up bag as it looks like a little secret gold brick! This is the most gorgeous mascara I’ve ever owned and it lives up to it’s expectation.First the smell of violets – I mentioned before but with this product I can smell it more than usual, perhaps because it’s held so close to my nose! I personally love it, others more sensitive to scent may want to avoid. The mascara definitely coats all my lashes and opens my eyes which I love, I find it more lengthening than thickening personally – which is perfect for day to day and more natural looks as its definitely still noticeable without looking too much. However for a night out I have layered this and found it to thicken my lashes without clumping or flaking and I don’t result in spider leg lashes! This is my go to work mascara as it’s so quick and easy to get big noticeable eyes without spending ages or going OTT.

Touche Eclat Blur Primer

I’m still unsure how or when to use this but it’s so pretty I always have it in my handbag. The compact comes in a velvet case with a small suede/leather sponge to apply the product – although I have used my fingers more due to practicality. The balm appears clear and I have used it all over as a primer – it is sometimes harder to cover the whole face quickly as only small sections can be done at a time. However my face felt smooth and pores appeared minimised. Make up seemed to stay on well throughout the day and it didn’t go patchy as I have had with some primers. You can also use this throughout the day to combat shine, however when I tried this over make up as advised the foundation underneath shifted and my skin looked uneven. I am still playing with this so will update when I know more! As a primer I don’t think it is as good as others I have used but if you have time to carefully apply this then it works amazingly. Also who doesn’t love a pretty compact mirror to whip out of their bag during the day!!

Dior Air Serum Foundation

I have a bit of a love-hate relationship with this foundation. It looks amazing, something different to the rest of my bottles and the matte glass almost looks and feels like how your skin should look after wearing it. Although I know a lot of people have issues with the pipette application (do you apply it direct to the face or onto a brush?!), I personally love it. Maybe it’s because it takes me back to my chemistry days or maybe its the novel fun element. Personally I either drop it onto my fingers or a brush (do NOT use a sponge – it absorbs it straight away) and have experienced no problems. I would recommend you shake it every time before use and squeeze to empty the pipette during this to refill it. This is due to the foundation having a serum in it which means the liquid separates. on application it feels very smooth and similar to applying a serum, however it immediately begins to dry on contact and leaves a powdery finish. Now the hate part – this powdery finish is great when in a rush and you don’t want to put a finishing powder on. However if you have dry skin do not use this, it will cling to it and show patches you weren’t even aware were dry. If anything this foundation made sure I moisturised and exfoliated religiously to avoid problems, so my skin is now in the best condition ever! This is my go to day to day foundation as it gives a lovely natural coverage and you can layer it for a medium level if needed. I will definitely repurchase if it manages to survive with my dry skin in the winter!!

I definitely recommend all of these products, despite the hefty price tag they have lasted almost daily wear for the last six months and will probably get me to Christmas if not later!

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